Andrés Paniagua Curiel (anselmo_b) wrote,
Andrés Paniagua Curiel

Ashes to Ashes anyone?

I enjoyed the life and times of Gene Hunt a lot, but, probably, everything has been said by now that I’ve finally finished watching it. The one thing I find worth pointing out is the great similarity between the ending of «Ashes to Ashes» and the ending of «Lost»; they share at least the following motifs:
  • Antagonistic avatars of good and evil fighting for the other characters’ souls.
  • Reality revealed as virtual, as a kind of pseudo Freudian purgatory
  • The character’s blissful realization of “the truth” and their acceptance of the need to “move on”.
  • etc.

Both finales aired at about the same time, so we’ll have to give the authors the benefit of the doubt and call it a coincidence. But whether coincidence or not, it’s funny how the «Ashes to Ashes» finale fit smoothly with the whole show (and its predecessor) while «Lost»’s deservedly raised disappointed clamours of varying degrees among the series’ fans. I do have a theory to explain that, but who wants to get bored.



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