Andrés Paniagua Curiel (anselmo_b) wrote,
Andrés Paniagua Curiel

Alvin and the Shoggoth.

If Guillermo del Toro manages to make his dream come true, they’ll be talked about a lot in a while. So I might as well tell you about the one I found in Arthur C. Clarke’s «The City and the Stars»*; a real morphing Shoggoth, with its temporary eyes and all, waiting for the “Great Ones”. In fact, this was the only thing that was really fun in the novel, which I found shockingly unsatisfactory. I guess I’ve become a demanding pedant over the years, but admitting it doesn’t really help.
Anyway, does anyone recall other instances of Lovecraftiana in non evidently Lovecraft influenced/inspired literature?


*I read it because it was mentioned in the page referred to by jackfirecat here. So I picked up a few books I thought "one should have read"


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