Andrés Paniagua Curiel (anselmo_b) wrote,
Andrés Paniagua Curiel

What if we blew this place to pieces?

What if we blew this place to pieces?
This thing we have made
Out of ourselves?
What if we sat there on the hill and watched
Our endeavours go up in smoke
And watched
The fallout and the ashes fertilize
A future of the future?

But –
Not so fast
What if the fuse will not catch?
If the powder has grown stale, its power
Gone for ages
Squandered in the waiting?

What if –standing by the pier–
We saw the current turn,
The silt and the wreckage
Of ages
Wash up to the mountains?
The waters fall into the spring,
Into the darkness until
The sea and the river, their beds
Become new things
Under the sun?

I will not wait longer.
I will go out now; out through the door
And see what’s revealed
When the clouds blow away.

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