May 21st, 2011

Killing an Arab. ¿Is it just me?

According to yesterday’s news, the NATO destroyed 6 Libyan warships. Who knows how that is covered by the UN mandate to protect civilians, what’s pretty certain is that we will end up paying for those 6 ships with our tax money in form of  some “reconstruction” aid package once the war is over.

            I don’t know that there are good Libyans and evil Libyans, noble freedom fighters and bloodthirsty tyrants. I don’t know because I’m tired of buying the BS of the media, that tell you this thing today and the exact opposite tomorrow. What I do know, is that people are killing each other down there, and that Europe and the NATO are depleting their arsenals on top of them. It is obviously irrelevant to our geo strategic interests who will win the conflict, because if we did business and were chums with Gaddafi, then there is certainly nobody we won’t do business and be chums with.

So what is this all about? There is one big profiteer in the picture: The arms industry. And our governments are eagerly helping them, by spending on bombs and weapons, the tax money they take out of our pockets.

Yes I know, the world is a bad place, there’s nothing we can do about it, etc. etc. But please, can’t they just take our money, give it to the weaponsmiths, and skip the part where the guns are actually used to kill people?