July 20th, 2012

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Time’s Dominion

I.- Walk on By

You can always choose to have been elsewhere
Not that it would matter if you decided
To stand by your testimony after all
What will not be seen, shall not be heard either
Don’t clouds pass by unthought-of in our sleep?
The shapes of things that flow
Dragged by the deepest currents.
Who ever feels the bluest cold unless
They find themselves out on the street in rags?
Nobody dares to, lest they should surmise
That there is more to it than shivers, more
Than a turn of bad weather.

II.- Just as If

There is no going back
Once you have figured it out.
Just as if it were solving a hard riddle
That we are talking about.
But we know better, you and I.

III.- A Cunning Ruse

It is faith in your smile that keeps me going.
The foam that forms the shoreline, water’s fear
Of losing ground.
The face I can’t help staring at no matter
What place I come upon it.
Those mornings that smell of smoke, in the mist.
The music of your breath
Especially before it runs amok.
And the music that keeps surging inside.
To sit by a country carnival
On a dusty summer’s night.
The sea, the sea, at last the sea.

IV.- Rules of the Deep

I was about to understand
That it is not the unknown that we fear,
But the old acquaintances we might find
Amongst it.
Just then I dreamed until the end came screaming
I saw you shrivel up before my eyes
And squirm back into something wet and dark
A womb; its warmth unholy.