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June 6th, 2014 - the period of cosmography — LiveJournal

Ahead of you, still shut, the passageway
Into noise, strife and time.
You realize the rocking has stopped
Labours are grinding down
To a shrill end –or just about to start
(Depending on the point of view—but whose?)
At last, after months of secret gestation
Your powers to deal with what awaits you
Shall be put to the test.
Then you are being pushed towards the din
The world explodes on you:
Fierce realm –impossible to make sense of.
For an instant you are dimly aware
Of others calling and grabbing at you
Then knowledge of steel on your body; pain
And the plunge into the cold briny dark.
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I always have a tab opened to my LJ friends page. For some  reason it was set to my own journal in the past few weeks and I didn't realise it. So I missed all the recent fun and activity. So Hi to everyone, it's good to know you are all still around here.
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