Andrés Paniagua Curiel (anselmo_b) wrote,
Andrés Paniagua Curiel

The Transit of Love

The Transit of Love
A little spot of love upon the sea
Of fire. The world will watch the sky as if
An image of a thing you will not see
For centuries while hanging on this cliff
Of all the portents heaven deigns to send
This is the one to heed, the one to read
Correctly: not an image of our end
But of the curst condition of our breed
It’s true this metaphor will not be seen
For one hundred and fifteen years again
The hope we’ll change till then so it won’t mean
The same as now I leave to better men
While Venus storms across Apollo’s face
On Earth it’s Ares who she can’t outpace
Tags: poem, poetry, sonnet, venus

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